relying myself on a broken camera

3M Project 001 Raphael Zydek 2017

Series of 10 photos
30 × 20 centimetres
inkjet, high gloss
aluminium dibond

Photography always depends on the camera. Not because of the technical aspects, but because of its characteristics and the feeling when holding the camera. It is kind of the same relationship a visual artist has with its preferred method or tool  to express himself. Some day I found an old digital camera on a garbage heap that still took pictures but distorted its photographs irregularly.

I was really fascinated by the aesthetics it produced and also by the uncontrollability. I never knew when the camera distorted the image. This gave me a whole new perspective on the relationship of a photographer and the tool he uses. With this series I am questioning this relationship to equipment and demand for quality. I relied myself on this broken camera and therefore added an additional factor of randomness to the medium photography. 

3M Project 002 Raphael Zydek 2017
3M Project 003 Raphael Zydek 2017
3M Project 004 Raphael Zydek 2017
3M Project 005 Raphael Zydek 2017
3M Project 006 Raphael Zydek 2017
3M Project 006 Raphael Zydek 2017