street journal about my time living in Berlin

Berlin Tan Raphael Zydek

BETWEEN 30 × 40,
80 × 60 CM

Berlin is a very strange city. Instead of hating the dirt, struggle or drugs I feel a special connection to the region. While working here for 4 months while working for a wonderful design agency, I documented my everyday life in Berlin. I carried a camera with me every day and as a flaneur I tried to embody the fascination I feel about Berlin.

In the series IIIIBerlin (For/Four Berlin) I wanted to capture the special asthetics in the urban life. With this new photo series I tried to document my view on the environment I will really miss and definitly will save a place in my heart for. I am really seeing forward to come back to this great place on earth.

Berlin Tree Raphael Zydek
Berlin Dali Raphael Zydek
Berlin Tree Raphael Zydek
Berlin Mantel Raphael Zydek 2018
Berlin Gegen Ende Raphael Zydek 2018
Berlin Shoes Raphael Zydek Berlin Bridge Raphael Zydek
Berlin Kabel Raphael Zydek 2018 Berlin Designer Raphael Zydek 2018
Berlin werktags Raphael Zydek 2018