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Concept & Design
Book, 180 pages +

Finding the right media for the job is always key for me. That is why I dealt with this topic in my bachelor thesis. I wanted to combine digital and analogue media efficiently. This led to the concept of DIALAB – a social network and brand for analogue photography. Tradition and technology work together seemlessly in a highly modern brand experience to bring knowledge to life in a thriving community.

So how can these components be combined?

The most important thing to distinguish between short- and longliving content. This needed to be spread across the most suitable media. I decided to design the book around basic tutorials and references without recommending any brands or products which could go unavailable in the future. The instructions are simple but straight forward.

DIALAB Website Klickdummy

A blog on the website would share short-living and most recent content like news, reviews or events. Next to that a community forum makes it possible to share experiences, ask questions or discuss blog posts.

DIALAB Website Blog Klickdummy

I designed this as a brand making it possible to hold the three components together. All brand touch points make learning analog photography very easy and available to a wide range of people. Also splitting content to their best locations would assure the book won't lose its relevance over time while making it a substantial portion. 

DIALAB will be launched soon.

Dialab Journal Book Page The Medium
Dialab Journal Book Page Enlarger
Dialab Journal Book Page Enlarger
Dialab Journal Book Page Enlarger
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