photographic emulsion in its pure form

Emulsion Berlin Raphael Zydek 2017

FROM 30 × 20 TO 150 × 100 CENTIMETRES

Failure is a essential part of anything creative. It is especially part of the contingency photography itself has. Because of that, the loss of pictures in the technical process is inevitable and part of the medium. Even with the highest experience and most precision.

But sometimes the loss of photos creates images that do have a magic that cannot be ignored. The pure visual energy of their composition and abstraction is wonderful. It is also sometimes painful since the damaged photos stand for lost memories that will be gone forever. Looking at those symbols of loss as beautiful as they are, are expressions of deep regret. Over the time I collected several of these products of failure and see them as part of my work the same way as any other picture.

Emulsion Zugzwang Raphael Zydek 2017
Emulsion Fernsehen Raphael Zydek 2017
Emulsion Madame Raphael Zydek 2018
Emulsion Madame mit Blume Raphael Zydek 2017
Emulsion Ohne Titel Raphael Zydek 2018
Emulsion Ohne Titel 2 Raphael Zydek 2018
Emulsion 20180930 04 Raphael Zydek 2018
Emulsion 20180930 05 Raphael Zydek 2018
Emulsion 20180930 04 Raphael Zydek 2018