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The right communication is everything.

A little #whataboutism for your comfort …

In 2018 I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden, Germany. Since then I have worked as a freelancer for several agencies and businesses. Although this makes up most of my bread and butter, at heart I am an artist who expresses himself primarily through photography.

Currently I am travelling through beautiful Australia to learn more about myself and working remotely.

Good Communication is everything for me and I use my extraordinary passion to achieve it across a variety of creative fields. I design and communication are my tools to tell stories efficiently and highly aesthetically. I develop concepts and solve problems, always aware of the impact my work has.

When working on a design project, it is not about what type of medium should be used. It is all about finding the right mix of traditional and digital to deliver the message to the right people in the perfect way.

This way of thinking is also very apparent in my photography. It has always been an artistic medium of aesthetics for me (even though I do also have a commercial background). I play with its ability to relentlessly document the world in order to capture the truth behind it. Abstraction plays a major role in that, while I rarely use image editing to achieve it. I am looking around to capture and communicate the visual essence with my camera. To some regard my photos could be viewed like a painting. A composition of shapes lines and formes resulting in an artwork.

You want to learn more or am I the right person for your next project?

Take a look at my work, Instagram, LinkedIn or drop me a line here.